The Word on the Street

Forget about new year’s resolutions, it seems the thing to do these days is to choose a word to set your intentions for the new year about to unfold. I first embraced this approach at the start of last year and my word back then was ‘balance’. It seemed a good idea at the time - with a demanding day job, busy and boisterous kids, a hectic household, plus my creative projects bubbling away in the background, it seemed I would have to find a way to balance all of these things. My daughter also started her first year of school and this brought along with it a whole range of emotions and an endless list of things to remember to do. Balancing turned to juggling, and pretty soon it was more just keeping the balls from hitting the floor!

So this year, I’ve decided on a new word that I think will have a little more longevity. For 2019, my word will be ‘prioritise’. I figure there is always going to be an never-ending to-do list and while striving for balance seemed noble, perhaps a better approach for me right now is to prioritise rather than balance. That means really thinking about what I commit to in all parts of my world, and how they play out day-to-day, and also at critical time points. And perhaps balance will be a nice by-product?! Here’s hoping anyway!

Hope the new year brings you all the wonderful things!