Back after the Break with a little post I like to call 'The Round-Up'


I'm watching... Schitt's Creek on Netflix.  It took me an episode or two to really warm to it, but I'm now hooked. Dan Levy and Catherine O'Hara are the standouts for me... Levy's facial expressions and O'Hara's comic delivery are spot on.


I'm reading... On Writing by Stephen King.  Part-memoir, part-masterclass, and totally enthralling.  I am a sponge.


I'm listening to... Alvvays.  I'm happy to have the sweet and catchy melodies from this indie group from Toronto hang out my head for a while.  They've been around for a few years now but I've only recently discovered them, along with the musical genre 'jangle pop', to which they apparently belong.  (PS. The band name is pronounced 'Always', just to save you a Google search.)


I'm remembering... the divine smells from The Body Shop.   It's all thanks to a new handwash having a similar scent to an old Body Shop favourite. It's taking me down memory lane to my frequent trips to The Body Shop as a teenager in the 90s.


I'm grateful for... so much... the big things (being lucky enough to be born in Australia)... the small things (the toddler having a big day sleep yesterday in amongst the ups and downs of a sleep regression).


I'm trying... to have more focus on the task at hand.  I find I'm always trying to juggle so many things at once, that instead of focusing on what I don't have time to do, I need to focus more on what I am actually doing.


I'm planning... the year ahead.  I'm jumping back into my creative life after a break over the holidays, and hoping to build upon the momentum from last year. I'm reflecting on my achievements over the past year months, no matter how small.  And I'm so grateful for all the beautiful souls who are cheering me on.  I'm on the path to exactly where I want and need to be... I just need to keep moving.