The surprising aspect of my personality that the Creative world has revealed...

If I had to describe myself a year ago, 'risk-taking' would not have made the list.  I would have said that I'm more of a planning, cautious type.  But I've learnt that in this field of work that opportunities are there to be taken, even if you don't feel entirely ready.  I've found myself signing up for things, feeling initially excited, then incredibly nervous, and these are perfect conditions for the rise of the ever-lurking inner critic.  While sometimes this would lead me to feeling like I couldn't do it, I soon realised that I needed to see the opportunity for what it is, and when I need to reach out to others for the crucial information and guidance to make the most it.  And with deadlines looming, I've found I've then achieved so much more than I would have otherwise.  I think of it a being a bit like that mad clean-up you do before someone comes over to your house.

So here I am putting my hand up,  reaching out, doing the work, and seeing what happens.  You may wonder, do I regret any of these nerve-wracking experiences?  Not at all.  They are pushing me to extend my skills, to connect with new people, and to show my work. So here's to taking some risks... well, calculated risks at least!