When Sleep Calls...

Live life to the fullest!  Cherish every moment!

Lean in, reach out, give back....

Well, what happens when you just need to lie down?

When you realise you're like a tired kid who just needs a cuddle and to be tucked into bed?


I'm usually up late writing, editing, illustrating, pitching, posting photos, or managing to-do lists, house stuff or school-related things.

 But last night I decided I was having a night off.  I was just plain old tired.

And I had to listen to my body telling me to slow down.


It was time to take a break.  Put tools down.  Clock off.

And so I gave in.  I surrendered to this call*

And it was just what I needed.

Sure the to-do list was there, projects were unfinished, sure the house was a mess, but I felt rested.


(*I didn't actually make it to my bed at this point.  I fell asleep in my child's bed after bedtime stories.  But it still counts, right?)